Exciting Times Ahead for the Cargo Transport Industry: Mercedes-Benz

Exciting Times Ahead for the Cargo Transport Industry: Mercedes-Benz

With the introduction of new, sustainable fuels and digital technologies road cargo transport is on the cusp of an exciting revolution

In this exclusive video Kay-Wolf Ahlden, President & CEO, Mercedes-Benz Trucks/Daimler Commercial Vehicles MENA maps out future plans for his company which will involve hybrid working models and the introduction of new technologies that are creating a buzz in the transport industry.

Mr Ahlden said that demand for cargo trucks will outstrip supply in the coming years and Mercedes-Benz is making every effort to provide customers with the best onsite and off-site after sales service and spares to keep their trucks in operation at all times.

According to Mr Ahlden the industry is “embarking on a change” with new technology coming from digitalisation and new-age propulsions systems like electric and hydrogen.

Mercedes-Benz was preparing - and also helping partners prepare themselves - to embrace these new technologies. “And here in Dubai we can start practicing and testing those technologies,” added Mr Ahlden.

On collaboration, Mr Ahlden said it was a key strategy that has proven itself during pandemic when different players in the supply chain came together to successfully meet new challenges.

Mr Ahlden concluded by saying that today, no single organisation can do it alone and the traditional forms of suppliers and customers will have to evolve into partnerships through which the industry can collectively develop solutions to meet future challenges and goals.

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