Dubai 2020 Rail Tested in UK
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Dubai 2020 Rail Tested in UK

Tests include corrosion, heat and efficiency

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A delegation from the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) recently visited the UK to ensure the quality rail track stabilizers and cushions for the track 2020 rail project.

The purpose of the visit was to ensure that all parts of stabilizers and pillows conform to the specifications of the 2020 project for international specifications.

The trip to specialist manufacturer Pandrol also gave the delegation opportunity to attend field tests to ensure that rail stabilizers were free of internal cracks and defects, as well as check they could handle the Dubai heat.

Rail System for Dubai 2020 Tested in Italy

The system is tested by installing rail rods and absorbing vibrations resulting from the movement of trains.

This reduces the noise ratio, according to the international and local standards in Dubai.

The system is characterized by its high efficiency in absorbing the oscillations resulting from train traffic and corrosion resistance resulting from heat, humidity and salts.

The purpose of organizing these field visits to a number of factories in different countries is to ensure that the highest technical standards are used in the rail infrastructure for the project.

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