Daimler to Begin Customer Trials for Mercedes-Benz GenH2 Trucks in 2024

Daimler to Begin Customer Trials for Mercedes-Benz GenH2 Trucks in 2024

Amazon to be among the first customers to gain initial experience in CO2-free long-distance transport with fuel-cell trucks

Daimler Truck is entering the next development phase on the road to decarbonize transportation with hydrogen-powered trucks.

After a rigorous testing phase on the test track and on public roads, the fuel-cell trucks have now reached an advanced development stage for deployment in first customer fleets.

Consequently, Daimler Truck is now taking the next step by building a first customer-trial fleet of Mercedes-Benz GenH2 Trucks.

Expected from mid-2024, the companies Amazon, Air Products, INEOS, Holcim and Wiedmann & Winz will take part in first customer trials to gain initial experience in CO2-free long-distance transport with fuel-cell trucks.

The five semi-trailer tractors will be deployed in different long-haul applications on specific routes in Germany, such as the transport of building materials, sea containers or cylinder gases.

During these first customer trials the GenH2 Trucks remain under the direct supervision and responsibility of Mercedes-Benz Trucks. The vehicles will be refueled at designated public liquid hydrogen filling stations (sLH2) in Wörth am Rhein and in the Duisburg area.

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Daimler Truck and its partner companies are thus creating a lighthouse project and demonstrating that decarbonized transport with hydrogen-powered trucks is already possible today.

However, for the transformation to succeed, it will be necessary in the coming years to ensure the build-up of an international refueling infrastructure and a sufficient supply of green liquid hydrogen.

Andreas Gorbach, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler Truck AG, responsible for Truck Technology: “With this first customer fleet, our fuel-cell trucks are now being tested in real customer operation.

"A win-win situation for both sides: our customers get to know fuel-cell technology in daily real-life operation and our engineering team gets to better understand customer needs and relevant use cases, taking them into account for series development.”

Amazon, Air Products, Holcim, INEOS and Wiedmann & Winz to gain practical experience in customer trials

Dual-track strategy with hydrogen and battery powered vehicles 

As one of the world’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturers, Daimler Truck has committed itself to the Paris Climate Agreement. The objective is to offer new vehicles that are CO2-neutral in driving operation in our global core markets (Europe, USA, Japan) by 2039.

Battery-electric trucks are the ideal choice for distribution haulage and in the case of the eActros 600, for long-distance haulage with regular deployment on plannable routes with suitable distances and charging options.

However, fuel-cell trucks could be a better solution especially for very flexible and particularly demanding deployments in heavy-duty transport and long-distance haulage.

In addition, the availability of appropriate infrastructure and sufficient green electricity are crucial for a successful transition to CO2-free technologies.

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