CEVA Logistics Announces Low-Carbon Road Transport Project

CEVA Logistics Announces Low-Carbon Road Transport Project

Pilot program in partnership with ENGIE and SANEF covers a distance of more than 900 kilometers

CEVA Logistics, ENGIE, and SANEF—partners in the European Clean Transport Network (ECTN) Alliance—launched the proof of concept of the low-carbon, long-distance road transport network.

First announced in March, the Network’s pilot program covers a distance of more than 900 kilometers in France between Avignon and Lille, aiming to demonstrate the ECTN concept to facilitate the decarbonization of long-distance road freight transport.

The concept would not require specific technological innovations, but rather relies on a network of terminals for low-carbon truck refueling and trailer exchange.

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By providing transporters with a solution based on alternative energies to diesel for long-distance freight transport, the concept addresses shipping customers’ demands for decarbonizing their cargo flows, while also aligning with the growing need for energy transition.

“Relay Station” Network with 16 Trucks

The Alliance’s concept draws inspiration from the traditional “relay” concept by establishing relay stations equipped with electric charging stations and bioCNG refueling pumps for trucks along the existing highway network.

At these relay stations, trailers are disconnected and reconnected to a new tractor unit and driver for the next segment for transport.

The test route between Avignon and Lille is divided into four segments between: Avignon (Vaucluse) - Lyon (Rhône) - Dijon (Côte-d’Or) - Sommesous (Marne) - Lille (Nord). Each truck completes two round trips per day between two of these relay stations.

This daily round-trip principle on a defined road segment contributes to improving working conditions for truck drivers and making the profession more attractive by reducing the distance travelled between home and work.

Each member of the ECTN Alliance is contributing its expertise to the implementation of the pilot:

  • CEVA established relay stations at its Avignon, Lyon, Dijon, and Lille branches and has set up a control tower in Valenciennes to supervise cargo flows and to monitor transit times and energy consumption.

  • ENGIE is installing and operating electric charging stations and biogas distribution pumps.

  • SANEF is hosting a relay station at its Sommesous service area.

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