BaseTracK Introduces First Autonomous Truck in the UAE

BaseTracK Introduces First Autonomous Truck in the UAE

Paves the way for sustainable future trucking

BaseTracK, a pioneer in autonomous vehicle technology, has launched its first Autonomous Truck in the United Arab Emirates with Allied Transport Compmany.

BaseTracK's entry into the UAE aligns seamlessly with the country's vision for a greener and more sustainable future, as outlined in the Green Economy for Sustainable Development Initiative.

BaseTracK plans on long-lasting and productive collaboration with RAKEZ (Ras Al-Khaimah Economic Zone) to position Ras Al-Khaimah as a leading hub for sustainable future trucking.

The introduction of BaseTracK's autonomous truck addresses a pressing concern faced by transport companies - drivers shortage.

Meanwhile, by using a simplified version of its autonomous driving technology, BaseTracK empowers these companies to achieve substantial fuel savings even in human-driven trucks, with proven results of reducing fuel consumption by 10-20%.

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BaseTracK envisions a future with Hub2Hub trucking where autonomous trucks will navigate high-speed intercity highways, further enhancing energy efficiency and sustainability efforts.

However, it is important to note that the implementation of such advanced autonomous systems requires a comprehensive legislative framework to ensure safety and regulatory compliance.

Andrey Vavilin, company’s CEO said: “While the path forward may involve regulatory challenges, we firmly believe that this technology represents the future of transportation and we are committed to working closely with authorities and stakeholders to develop the necessary regulations.

"Together, BaseTracK and our partners such as RAKEZ and AngelsDeck Global Ventures are dedicated to shaping a future where autonomous trucking plays a pivotal role in enhancing fuel efficiency, reducing emissions, and building a sustainable transportation ecosystem in the UAE and beyond."

BaseTracK has successfully raised US$3.25 million in external funding, with notable investors that include AngelsDeck Global Ventures.

BaseTracK's launch of its first Autonomous Truck represents a significant milestone in the autonomous vehicle industry, demonstrating cutting-edge technology that not only fuels innovation but also advances energy efficiency and reduces CO2 emissions.

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