Agility Abu Dhabi Invests in Double-Trailer Trucks

Agility Abu Dhabi Invests in Double-Trailer Trucks

To improve operational efficiency and reduce emissions

Agility is the first logistics company in Abu Dhabi to operate double-trailer trucks, which will improve operational efficiencies for its customers and reduce emissions by cutting the number of trips made.

Agility operates an extensive fleet of trailers in Abu Dhabi. About 50 of those are now double-trailer trucks. Double trailers significantly reduce the number of trips required to haul cargo, decreasing overall wear and tear on tires and vehicles.

In the first six months of operation, Agility’s fleet management data demonstrates that double trailers reduce fuel use by 26% per container, eliminating about 2,500 metric tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

Houssam Mahmoud, Chief Executive Officer for Agility Abu Dhabi, said: “In addition to being environmentally friendly, the double trailers will positively impact productivity – and that’s good for both Agility and our customers.

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"We are able to pass a lot of this benefits to our customer by providing greater flexibility and a significant reduction in the number of required trips.”

Agility worked together with a local automotive distributor to develop the safest possible solution for the market, including Active Brake Assist 4, proximity control, and lane assist.

Agility also conducted a transport route survey to identify any routes that might be risky or challenging for drivers while insisting on lane assist capability for the vehicles to help to navigate sharp turns and round-a-bouts.

In the United Arab Emirates, Agility has an industry-leading safety record, linking driver incentive pay to safety, rather than speed of operations.

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