Dubai RTA Using Robots to Clean Metro Stations  

Dubai RTA Using Robots to Clean Metro Stations  

In keeping with UAE’s Artificial Intelligence Strategy  

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has embarked on using robots in cleaning metro stations as part of efforts to introduce new techniques driven by artificial intelligence technology.

The step is in line with RTA’s efforts to support the UAE Artificial Intelligence Strategy and realise RTA’s first strategic goal (Smart Dubai).

Said Mohammed Hasan Al Amiri, Director of Rail Maintenance, Roads and Transport Authority: “The use of robots in cleaning Dubai Metro stations is an experimental step considered the first of its kind worldwide in using such technology to clean metro stations. Once the success of the trial is verified, the technology will be deployed in other stations.

“This Robot is designed with international standards, and is highly effective and efficient in reducing the amount of water used in cleaning, and providing a great level of sterilizing.

RTA Envisions Dubai’s Future Mobility 2030 - 2071

“It can also be pre-set to perform automated cleaning patterns of floors, without human intervention except for limited and simple steps such as adding water and programming. The programming can be reset to enable the robot to clean floorings of complex designs.

“The robot has several sensors and sonar receiver capable of shifting between spaces, detecting barriers and accordingly avoid a collision.

“These laser-powered sensors along with the sonar cover a 360-degree circle. It has a 90-litre water tank, and measures 135x90x128 cm in size, rendering it fit for use in public areas without causing inconvenience to station visitors.

“The RTA always seeks to harness the latest technology for serving the public and public facilities.”

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