AI to Empower UAE Infrastructure Projects
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AI to Empower UAE Infrastructure Projects

The use of AI will leadto major efficiencies, according to Dr Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Nuaimi, theUAE’s Minister of Infrastructure Development. 

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UAE Minister for Infrastructure Development Dr Mohammed Al Nuaimi has stated that artificial intelligence (AI) will reduce the length of infrastructure projects by 54%, according to Arabian Business.

Al Nuaimi said: “[AI] contributes to supporting the sustainability of the environment system, which is the main pillar of the ministry’s strategy, in terms of reducing fuel consumption by 63%, emitted toxic gases, projects waste, preventing workers’ exposure to work environmental hazards and maintain occupational safety.”

The projects currently being implemented include the 12.5-kilometre Kalba Ring Road and the US$16.3 million (AED60 million) 7-kilometre project connecting Sheikh Khalifa Highway with the Khatm Melaha and the E99 Road.

Dubai is pushing to significantly up the amount of trade and visitors in the UAE region as part of its vision, with infrastructure a key ingredient for that growth.

AI is also becoming increasingly prevalent in the supply chain, with automated trains, trucks, planes and ships all in the pipeline.

The promise of AI is that it can revolutionize business and society, slashing inefficiencies and heightening collaboration across the supply chain.

While the potentialities of AI are great, there has been a mixed response in terms of its wide-scale application, with some fearing its development could lead to job losses, and others seeing it as drastically increasing the quality of life for all people.

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