Tufail Chemical Industries Digitalises Supply Chain with 'Maersk Flow'
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Tufail Chemical Industries Digitalises Supply Chain with 'Maersk Flow'

Tufail Chemical to streamline and manage supply chain with Maersk's digital tool

Tufail Chemical Industries and Maersk Pakistan have signed a partnership wherein Maersk would provide ‘Maersk Flow’, a digital tool, to Tufail Chemical to streamline and manage their supply chains efficiently.

The partnership marks a significant step towards modernising logistics and improving supply chain performance with less time and effort.

Tufail Chemical Industries conducts business with tech and appliance industries and has been importing plastic raw material, industrial chemicals, aluminium products, and polymer for their manufacturing processes.

Tufail Chemical Industries has now built additional manufacturing capacity and is not only satisfying local requirements but also expanding into global market with export footprint.

Pervez Tufail, Co-Chairman, Tufail Chemical Industries said: "Expansion of our business has led to increased complexity in our supply chains.

"Challenges such as lack of visibility on inbound shipments, milestones updates, documentation status and communication with our suppliers became more prominent, and ultimately started impacting our day-to-day routines."

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Maersk Pakistan, Tufail Chemical Industries’ ocean transportation partner, stepped in to offer a pilot run of ‘Maersk Flow’, a digital supply chain management tool to streamline their supply chains.

The ‘Maersk Flow’ solution enables transparency in critical supply chain processes and ensures that the flow of goods and documents is executed as planned.

It also reduces manual work and costly mistakes, while empowering logistics professionals with all the current and historical data they need to sustainably improve their supply chain.

Saira Yasin, Director Exports, Tufail Chemical Industries added: “With ‘Maersk Flow’ our team is able to plan our operations accurately, thus avoiding excess inventory at the warehouse and we are now able to shift our end products rapidly to the market.”

Wajeeh Ud Din AhmedChief Commercial Officer, Maersk Pakistan sad: "Every day, thousands of products are moving through our customer’s supply chain, on multiple carriers, coming from and reaching many supply chain partners and stakeholders.

"This complexity has traditionally been managed fully manually via spreadsheets, emails and phone calls, which despite lots of hard work is leading to reduced visibility and control – and ultimately higher costs or lost sales.

"With ‘Maersk Flow’ we have offered Tufail Chemical Industries to take full control of their supply chain management and ensure that the flow of goods and documents is executed as planned."

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