Siemens Logistics Introduces New Robotic Parcel Handling Product

Siemens Logistics Introduces New Robotic Parcel Handling Product

The stand-alone system is designed to flexibly enhance parcel sorting centers

Siemens Logistics has launched VarioPick, a state-of-the-art robotics solution for parcel sorting centers. At high speed and with maximum precision, VarioPick identifies pre-defined consignments and picks them fully automatically from a moving 2D or 3D parcel stream.

Features include an AI-based recognition system, an advanced control system and an innovative suction gripper technology – all from Siemens Logistics. VarioPick is designed for the flexible enhancement expansion of sorting systems and reduce manual processes to a minimum.

Michael Reichle, CEO of Siemens Logistics said: “The future of logistics lies in automation – and robotics solutions are a valuable addition. We are proud to contribute our decade-long R&D experience in pattern recognition software and special devices.

"With VarioPick, we present a sophisticated robotics system that will take automation in parcel sorting centers to a new, unprecedented performance level!"

VarioPick delivers the highest picking rates and up to four times the throughput of manual processes. Parcels of different sizes, shapes, and packaging materials – including polybags, poster rolls, and envelopes – are processed reliably.

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The stand-alone system also has a very small footprint and can be easily adjusted to changing process demands, fluctuations in the required throughput, and more.

Thanks to a one-day installation, customers can benefit immediately from VarioPick. In addition, VarioPick's user-friendly interfaces display all visualization systems on one dashboard.

VarioPick successfully passed its first test case, which was conducted as part of a pilot project. A large European letter sorting center was expanded to process mixed-mail items.

VarioPick detects items that are difficult for machines to process and automatically removes them from the parcel stream.

These consignments could otherwise disrupt the automated processes and currently require manual handling which is both time-consuming and cost intensive.

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