Shipsy Showcases AI-Powered Logistics Management Solutions

Shipsy Showcases AI-Powered Logistics Management Solutions

Spotlight on streamlining the way e-Commerce companies deliver their products

Shipsy, a leading global smart logistics management platform provider, was among the main participants at this year's Seamless Middle East event.

Soham Chokshi, CEO and Co-founder, Shipsy said: "We were delighted to be present at this year's Seamless Middle East - a crucial platform for the industry that brings the spotlight on the need to streamline the way e-Commerce companies deliver their products.

"The UAE is at the forefront of shrinking its carbon footprint and achieving Smart City status. To make this a reality, the eCommerce sector needs to reevaluate its logistics processes to ensure that it's in line with this vision by ensuring sustainable delivery processes."

Shipsy showcased how its over 170 customers across the globe are providing a seamless delivery experience to their customers using its AI-powered logistics management platform.

Shipsy empowers businesses to optimize cross-border logistics, make deliveries cost-efficient and sustainable and mitigate transportation risks.

Seamless Middle East 2022 was a two-day event held at the Dubai World Trade Center. The event saw over 10,000 visitors, 350 exhibitors and 300+ speakers.

As a contributor to the UAE's mission of achieving its sustainability goals, Shipsy, through its AI-driven smart logistics management solutions, is helping regional and global eCommerce businesses to expedite their logistics sustainability goals.

"To help businesses reduce carbon emissions, Shipsy empowers them to reduce trip volumes, miles traveled, returns and empty miles. We empower logistics stakeholders to effectively reduce the distance traveled by 5% and shrink trip volumes by 6%," noted Chokshi.

The organization also highlighted that it would be announcing the global launch of its shipment tracking platform and demonstrating its innovations in the space in Orlando, Florida on 6th June.

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