See Widespread Technological Adoption in the Middle East: Fadi Amoudi, CEO, IQ Robotics

See Widespread Technological Adoption in the Middle East: Fadi Amoudi, CEO, IQ Robotics

Technological transformation required vendors to precisely understand customer needs

During the second session of TLME’s Future-Proof Technologies Conference held recently in Dubai, conference moderator Lars Jensen asked the panellists about the rapid advances and “leap frogs” in technologies like AI and how would these advances - and the resulting redundancies - affect their investments in cutting-edge technologies in the near future?

 CEO of IQ Robotics, Fadi Amoudi, said he saw a lot of technological adoption in the Middle East region while describing IQ Robotics journey since 2017 and how being a transformation partner in region allowed IQ Robotics to give customers “security and meaning”.

Firstly, said Mr Fadi, there was a “fear factor” in logistics industry customers to transform technologically because it was new to them. Transformation was not only necessary but it was also not as expensive as most people think.

Making a case for robotics in the Middle East region with labour costs being relatively cheaper than the US and Europe, Mr Fadi said it was about making customers aware of the return on investment, efficiency and reliability of operations.

Mr Fadi said that technological transformation was about precisely understanding customer needs. IQ robotics had an advantage over other technology providers in that their sister concern, IQ Fulfillment, was an operational company that provided fulfillment services to over 350 ecommerce customers.

This gave them operational insights that could be passed to customers in specially designed automation solutions.

“We are not here to sell people robots, we are to enable them with solutions,” said Mr Fadi, adding that technological transformation was not only about return on investment but it was also about explaining to customers in clear terms the long-term operational benefits of adopting new technologies.

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