Nexxiot Unveils New Tracker with Unparalleled Big Data Traceability

Nexxiot Unveils New Tracker with Unparalleled Big Data Traceability

Provides worldwide analytics for cargo containers

Nexxiot, the provider of cargo IoT solutions around the world, has unveiled its latest gateway device for intermodal shipping containers that will revolutionize the global cargo industry through unparalleled big data enabled traceability and visibility of critical assets.

The Globehopper Edge is a self-sustaining, zero-maintenance wireless connectivity device capable of transmitting thousands of data points every day from multiple onboard sensors that transmit crucial information about a container’s cargo such as precise location, temperature, environmental conditions and more.

Designed to communicate in real time with Nexxiot Connect, the company’s customizable, cloud-based software solutions, Globehopper Edge optimizes asset utilization through AI powered machine learning that has proven to positively impact on-time performance, asset management and achieve intermodal shipping efficiencies.

Nexxiot CEO Stefan Kalmund said: “Combining state-of-the-art sensors, gateways and global connectivity, Globehopper Edge is the most advanced cargo monitoring device in the world today.

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"It has present and future capabilities to provide our customers with the most accurate and reliable information possible about their cargo, ensuring unsurpassed accountability across all modes of shipping.”

Custom engineered by Nexxiot’s own Zurich based R&D lab, Globehopper Edge is built using the most advanced engineering methods and is designed for effortless use.

As with all devices in the company’s hardware suite, it is solar powered and built to provide zero-maintenance connectivity with a guaranteed lifetime of more than six years.

The device is fitted to the outside of a standard shipping container and is onboarded and paired within 90 seconds, providing access to essential data, powerful dashboards and actionable insights for many years into the future.

Nexxiot Co-Founder Daniel MacGregor said: “We created Globehopper Edge to take that next step in trade facilitation.

“Aimed squarely at the 30 million standard intermodal containers that travel around the planet, the rugged IP65, custom engineered, energy harvesting hardware provides unprecedented access to critical data to enable radical transformation for all participants and stakeholders in the global value network of trade, finance and transportation.”

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