New Navis N4 TOS gets Future Ready  

New Navis N4 TOS gets Future Ready  

To better meet requirements of automated and semi-automated terminals

Navis has released N4 3.7, the newest version of its flagship TOS with upgraded product features and expanded capabilities.

This upgrade aims to meet the critical needs of its manual, semi-automated and fully automated terminal customers.

With the 3.7 update, customers will reach new levels of productivity, increase visibility at multi-facility terminals and leverage operational intelligence to deliver better insights.

Advanced General Cargo capabilities have now enabled customers such as North Carolina Ports to utilize a single platform for all cargo handled at their terminals.

Extensive rail enhancements to N4 are now enabling customers like GCT Deltaport who operate on dock rail facilities to increase their intermodal cargo growth and rail handling capacity- up to 50% - in an environmentally sustainable way.

New N4 Multi-facility Carrier Operations features enable customers to manage multiple terminals, in different locations, all within one single platform.

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New visibility capabilities provide customers the flexibility to deploy berth and yard resources across facilities in a more cost-effective and efficient manner.

Other new features in N4 are enabling terminals to realize the real value of automation today. Increasing moves per hour or enabling dual cycling of containers are the cornerstone of allowing terminal operators to make the shift from asset operators to service orchestrators.

Navis’ BI Portal Analytics and Ops Monitoring dashboards have been redesigned to deliver better operational insights and tuned for executives and operations teams.

Said Younus Aftab, Chief Technology Officer, Navis: “As our customers continue to grow their terminal business, meeting the demands of scaled operations is a top priority.

“We’ve made significant investments in optimizing our solutions to support increasing terminal throughput and these valuable additions and enhancements make N4, the world’s leading TOS, even better.

“This upgrade reflects the feedback of hundreds of customers currently operating on N4 and we built 3.7 with the goal of helping our customers make strides in their business – whether they are a greenfield site, fully automated or anywhere in between.”

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