MeatoDoor: Digitalising the Middle East Region’s Meat Supply Chain

MeatoDoor: Digitalising the Middle East Region’s Meat Supply Chain

New digital platform better connects meat trade stakeholders regionally and globally

Technology has come to the highly fragmented meat trading business in the Middle East with the launch of MeatoDoor - a simple, trustworthy, global, and sustainable digital platform that better connects various stakeholders of the region’s meat trade while also providing exposure and access to a wider global network of producers, distributors, and traders.

MeatoDoor is more than a digital match-making platform that allows businesses to create worldwide business collaborations they can trust.

MeatoDoor creates greater efficiencies for all stages of the value chain.
MeatoDoor creates greater efficiencies for all stages of the value chain.

Co-Founder & COO of MeatoDoor, Rashid Ahmed says: “MeatoDoor is the B2B marketplace enabling meat traders in the Middle East to source their meats from local and global suppliers and helps them trade locally.

"We’re addressing the pain points of these traders related to payments, quality assurance, logistics, and market fluctuations. We’re growing really fast.

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"In less than a year about 30% of the meat traders in the UAE are using our platform for the discovery of the best prices from multiple suppliers giving them savings in time and money.

"MeatoDoor manages the wholesale price index on a daily basis to give them a better understanding of market prices. We’re the first platform in the region to disrupt the meat supply chain.”

MeatoDoor’s reverse auction technology for meat procurement allows customers to inquire about products easily, get instant quotes for their RFQs, compare prices, and place orders with local and international suppliers.

The platform also allows suppliers to bid for the customer’s RFQs, make data-driven intelligent purchases, and liquidate their excess inventory through the platform using the auction feature.

The advanced data and analytics help better understand the market trends, customer preferences, and timing to identify optimal everyday and promotional price points and maximize profits.

MeatoDoor’s digital access creates greater efficiencies and opportunities that reduce food waste, promote ethical sourcing, and bring down the industry’s overall carbon emissions.

The digital platform also provides greater visibility of the meat supply chain and opportunities for stakeholders to interact meaningfully and gain market insights from various conferences and events.

“Our Mission is to build a community of meat stakeholders that creates business opportunities, inspires ethical sourcing of meat, and leaves a positive impact on the environment,” concludes Rashid Ahmed.

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