Maximilian Weigelt of project44 Highlights Importance of Visibility

Maximilian Weigelt of project44 Highlights Importance of Visibility

Visibility of cargo is critical during supply chain disruptions

Moderator Lars Jensen set the stage for the Technology Session of TLME’s Future of Logistics Conference Part II by saying that technology today has already become an integral part of the supply chain. The pandemic actually demonstrated to the world just how advanced the logistics industry is in terms of technology.

The Panellists for the Session included:

  • Fadi Amoudi - CEO, IQ Fulfillment

  • Maximilian Weigelt, Director, Business Development Middle East & South Africa, project44

  • Eng. Khaled A. Bakry, Deputy Minister, MCIT - Saudi Arabia

  • Michael Schneider, Executive VP, Siemens Logistics

  • Irina Albanese, Head of Innovation Middle East & Africa, DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation, MEA Innovation Centre

  • Joe Beydoun, Chairman, TLME

The first questions Lars asked the panellists was how they have specifically changed the use of technology over the last two years? And what further changes they have planned for the future that will not only optimize their own operations but also provide customers with opportunities to better their operations in turn?

Maximilian Weigelt of project44 began his reply using two words: Technology and Visibility. Mr Weigelt thought it was “super important” to have visibility because having the technology that provides visibility allows companies to respond in a timely manner and take the right actions to counter in any kind of disruptions.

Recent emergencies in the supply chain like the pandemic and the Suez Canal blockage had highlighted the need for greater visibility in the supply chain to better deal with the situations.

project 44 aimed to provide companies with real-time visibility of their cargos even in such critical times so they can react take action as quickly as possible and take appropriate action.

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