Made in UAE 'Hubb' Business Search Engine Launches Globally

Made in UAE 'Hubb' Business Search Engine Launches Globally

Connecting businesses to consumers at just AED 100/month

The Made in UAE intelligent commerce platform, Hubb, has announced its global launch with the aim to change the future of e-commerce for the better as SMEs look for more sustainable business solutions in the face of Covid-19.

In the making since 2013, Hubb is a universal search platform that acts as a search engine for businesses globally.

Currently operational in 44 countries and in 12 languages, with intentions to grow further, Hubb is a meeting point for all services – connecting businesses with consumers directly through an affordable monthly subscription service of 100dhs per month, without any hidden costs.

Hubb’s business model injects a fresh approach to the market, differentiating itself to other commerce platforms charging businesses a commission fee between 20 to 50% – a model that has been criticized widely in the wake of COVID-19 as SMEs struggle to turn a profit.

Hubb’s new approach offers a sustainable service, particularly for SMEs and start-up businesses who can use the platform to have full ownership without having to share profit with mediators.

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Hubb is a one-stop destination for a range of services including food delivery, property, manufacturing, motoring, travel, job searches and much more, via a ‘master app’ with 36 different industries.

With more than 3,345,889 subscription sign-ups already worldwide, Hubb aims to give consumers global access to services in their given language, no matter where they are.

Through the platform, consumers can search for services on the other side of the world – removing distance barriers and allowing them to access unfamiliar markets in an easy and user-friendly way.

Anastasia El Hage, Founder and CEO commented, “The e-commerce platforms available to businesses and consumers today offer an unsustainable way of trading for businesses across the globe, in particular SMEs and start-up businesses who have to sacrifice their profits in order to be listed on global platforms.

“With the current economic environment, businesses are increasingly looking for cost-effective ways to reach their consumers.

"With 70% of companies in Dubai alone expected to close within the next six months[1], we are delighted to be introducing a fresh approach to the market, connecting businesses and consumers based on a monthly subscription service of just AED 100.

“Our mission is to act as a ‘meeting place’ while also creating a space where businesses can speak up about their services and receive the necessary marketing tools to stand out from the crowd - building long-term relationships with their customers on a personal-level, rather than seeing customers simply as a ‘transaction’ through a third-party portal.”

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