Kaleris Adds Navis Solutions to its Portfolio

Kaleris Adds Navis Solutions to its Portfolio

Launches Execution & Visibility Platform to provide cloud-based logistics solutions

Kaleris has announced the merger of Navis, a leading provider of port, terminal, and vessel technology solutions, into its existing portfolio of supply chain execution solutions for yard management, transportation management, and maintenance and repair operations.

With more than 490 implementations in 80 countries, Navis joins Kaleris as its premier brand for optimizing container and general cargo terminals worldwide.

Kaleris has also announced the launch of its Execution & Visibility Platform, a cloud-based logistics solution that empowers organizations to control and optimize the movement of goods across the supply chain by connecting operational insights and workflows across major nodes in the supply chain and modes of transportation.

Kirk Knauff, CEO of Kaleris said: “By creating a global platform, we can help our customers improve execution across the entire lifecycle of a shipment.

“Navis adds a vital mode to our customer ecosystem and uniquely positions our platform to unlock new value for shippers, carriers, terminals, and asset owners through significant efficiency and productivity gains.

"They can pass this productivity through to their customers, delivering better outcomes for everyone through a connected, visible, sustainable supply chain.”

Navis Wins Most Dynamic Solution in Technology Award

As the global supply chain increases in complexity, only 6% of enterprises indicate they have full visibility over their supply chain, according to a GEODIS Supply Chain Worldwide survey.

Disconnected workflows, multi-mode environments, multi-party dependencies, and data gaps limit operational visibility at execution nodes and result in both inefficient operations and significantly higher costs for shippers, carriers, terminals, and asset owners.

Technology supporting the supply chain is equally fragmented, making it increasingly difficult to serve heightened consumer expectations while also amplifying current challenges and compounding market pressures globally.

Knauff adds: “Connecting execution and visibility solutions is the key to a resilient supply chain. Knowing the real-time status of shipments as they move through each node in the supply chain has a powerful downstream effect, and this insight optimizes all of the operations and modes that follow.”

The Kaleris platform leverages operational data directly from yard management, transportation management, maintenance and repair, port and terminal, and vessel operations to eliminate data gaps and dark spots within pivotal execution points.

The platform then connects that operating data to workflows within the execution ecosystem, resulting in high-value outcomes for shippers, carriers, terminals, and asset owners, including:

  • Reduced non-performance time

  • Increased operating visibility to shipment status and operating events

  • Improved planning and scheduling to enhance efficiency and utilization

Through the platform, shippers gain real-time visibility of cargo status, enabling them to drive predictable, timely operations and take prompt action to reduce dwell times, demurrage and impediments.

Terminals can reduce rehandling moves, container dwell time, and truck and rail turnaround times to increase productivity.

Carriers and asset owners can increase asset maintenance and performance, maximize revenue per trip, reduce operational costs and deliver better service to shippers.

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