HH Hamdan bin Mohammed Launches 3D Printing Strategic Alliance
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HH Hamdan bin Mohammed Launches 3D Printing Strategic Alliance

District dedicated to 3D Printing companies to be established in Dubai

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His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, Chairman of The Executive Council of Dubai and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Dubai Future Foundation (DFF), has launched the 3D Printing Strategic Alliance, the first initiative of its kind in the world that creates a comprehensive network of government entities, academia and 3D printing companies in the UAE and the world.

Aimed at developing the UAE into a leading 3D printing manufacturing hub, the Strategic Alliance seeks to produce a wide range of supplies, products and services in vital sectors in order to meet market needs and achieve self-sufficiency.

The announcement was made during His Highness’s visit to Dubai Future Foundation’s headquarters in Emirates Towers.

His Highness continued: "Through the Alliance and in cooperation with 3D printing companies, we will enhance our industrial capabilities, secure our basic needs and create new production lines based on the employment of future technology.

"We will also create a strategic virtual network jointly with the private sector in order to ensure immediate response to local needs during crises and achieve self-sufficiency.”

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In the initial stage, the Strategic Alliance will focus on increasing capacity for manufacturing medical supplies and equipment in the UAE by establishing 3D printing production lines in record time to meet the surge in demand for such equipment.

By doing so, it seeks to support the country’s efforts to create a locally produced stock of medical supplies for frontline medical workers. The health sector is also witnessing an increasing demand for medical equipment, including protective kits, scanners, respirators, masks, and laboratory supplies, among others.

His Highness issued directives to establish a dedicated district for the development, testing and deployment of 3D printing technology, which will host research centres, international companies, startups, applied engineering firms and business accelerator programmes for this emerging technology.

The district will house the largest state-of-the-art warehouse in the region for the storage and distribution of 3D printing materials and products, contributing to strengthening the role and partnership of government and private entities, startups and entrepreneurs in deploying 3D printing technology to develop various economic and future sectors globally and in Dubai.

The 3D Printing Strategic Alliance includes Dubai Future Foundation, Dubai Health Authority, Dubai Municipality, Dubai Police, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, Roads and Transportation Authority, Khalifa University, Higher Colleges of Technology and ten international and local 3D printing technology companies.

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