Greywing and Dataloy Systems Enter Into Strategic Partnership

Greywing and Dataloy Systems Enter Into Strategic Partnership

This integration takes the partnership beyond accurate crew planning to provide clients with equitable crew planning opportunities

Greywing and Dataloy Systems have entered into a strategic partnership that will facilitate data collection via API integrations.

The partnership combines the synergies from Dataloy´s global voyage management platform with the maritime industry’s first, and only crew-change automation software, promoting a more integrated and transparent ecosystem.

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This integration takes the partnership beyond “accurate crew planning” to provide clients with “equitable crew planning” opportunities.

By onboarding Dataloy’s feeds onto the Greywing platform, onboarding time for mutual clients is reduced, and enables new clients to benefit from the integration’s added data points on the platform. The synergy allow maritime players to benefit from an open and integrated system.

"We believe in an industry with more connections and fewer tech silos, where customers should be able to own their data. That is why we don’t and will not charge customers for integrations to any information we hold," said Hrishi Olickel, CTO of Greywing.

“We are excited to welcome Dataloy Systems as our technology partner and look forward to achieving true maritime disruption with them.”

Greywing’s flagship product enables you to plan and execute a crew change in under 60 seconds. Above all, it's easy to integrate with, delivering a simple interface and providing savings across three domains: cost, carbon, and time.

Nick Clarke, Greywing CEO, made the comment that “Greywing’s Crew Change is a must have product whether you work in the commercial, crewing or decarbonization team within a vessel operator.

"Greywing saves fleet managers hard cash by streamlining crew changes, finding cost-effective flights and agencies, planning routes (or rerouting if necessary), and reducing delays, all of which have a trickle-down effect on the rest of the supply chain."

Hege Jacobsen, Head of Partner Relations, Dataloy Systems said: "We are very excited about our strategic partnership with Greywing, which is the first of its kind, allowing two parallel operations - crew management and voyage operations - to seamlessly connect for smoother operations.

"Crew automation is a complex area of work that is critical to operational efficiency. Having a system that truly assists in managing this complexity is advantageous, and we believe that integrating with Dataloy’s VMS will add exponential value for our customers."

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