Watch: How GenFlat Makes Container Shipping Smarter, More Sustainable

Watch: How GenFlat Makes Container Shipping Smarter, More Sustainable

Collapsible containers with standard dimensions and handling operations ease congestion while facilitating intermodal transport

One question that container-shipping has asked itself since it began is: How to solve the empty container problem? GenFlat’s containers have answered the $20 billion empty container repositioning problem with their collapsible containers systems.

Using an actuator the container neatly folds within 80 seconds from start to finish. A unique locking technology stacks 4 empty GenFlats into the exact space of a single Marine Container.

GenFlat containers provide cost savings and reduces overall congestion at ports, terminals, depots and related storage facilities by removing the burden of finding solutions to capacity constraints.

What’s more, they also facilitate sustainable shipping with fewer moves meaning less fuel consumption and lower carbon emissions.

Fully loaded, these containers provide the same internal dimensions, load capacity along with strength and protection as the standard 20 and 40-foot containers.

Ideal for inter-modal transport by train, ocean vessel or over the road truck GenFlat containers use the same handling operations currently in place.

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