For Increased Usability and Efficiency: myDHLi Meets GenAI

For Increased Usability and Efficiency: myDHLi Meets GenAI

DHL unveils significant upgrades to its customer portal myDHLi

While unpredictable crisis and conflicts seem to have become a constant companion, DHL Global Forwarding is committed to providing reliable solutions to help customers navigating challenges in their logistics.

In the latest myDHLi Digital Summit 2024, DHL unveiled significant upgrades to its customer portal myDHLi across three dimensions: usability, resilience, and sustainability.

These enhancements are aimed at providing customers with greater visibility, control, and efficiency in their logistics operations.

With over 20,000 customers currently relying on the state-of-the-art digital customer portal, an average of over 450,000 shipments are tracked per month, showcasing the widespread trust and usage of the platform.

Tim Scharwath, CEO DHL Global Forwarding said: "At DHL Global Forwarding, we are dedicated to being a reliable and trusted partner for our customers.

"The integration of GenAI into myDHLi allows us to further enhance their logistics experience, offering innovative solutions that drive usability, resilience, and sustainability.

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"Together, we are shaping the future of logistics, providing our customers with the tools they need to navigate the ever-changing landscape with confidence."

Usability and reliable partner

In a remarkably short period, GenAI has showcased its potential for streamlining work processes and tasks with impressive results.

Recognizing the importance of usability, the new myDHLi Virtual Assistant powered by advanced artificial intelligence technology enhances the user experience by providing faster access to information through a 24/7 chatbot.

Customers can now for example inquire about shipment statuses, find contact details, and receive support on various topics. The GenAI powered Virtual Assistant serves as a dependable and supportive partner in the day-to-day management of supply chains and shipments.

Another important step in improving overall productivity with the help of myDHLi. On top, a new Customer Support Center provides direct assistance and guidance, serving as a valuable information and feedback channel for users.

Based on customer feedback, myDHLi Track, a core feature of the customer portal, has undergone a major redesign.

The new design aims to improve user experience by presenting all shipment information, including house bill, status, exceptions, timestamps, and locations, in a clear and concise manner on a single screen. This eliminates the need for scrolling and enhances accessibility.

Additionally, the new version allows users to conveniently filter information while using the portal on their mobile devices. To provide further transparency, DHL has also incorporated additional details, such as visibility of customs declarations, into the shipment details section.

Improved Resilience

Effective tracking capabilities are crucial for maintaining resilience in the face of unpredictable crises and disruptions. To address this, myDHLi Track has been enhanced, allowing users to filter shipments by "exceptions".

This enables swift identification of unforeseen changes, providing more time for informed decision-making. Today, an average of over 450,000 shipments are already monitored with the help of myDHLi Track.

Additionally, the myDHLi Reports feature was enhanced. Reports can be configured, filtered and scheduled as required - for example focusing only on "exceptions". For those who prefer proactive updates, the advanced configurable notification options are particularly beneficial.

Users can choose to receive notifications individually or as part of a daily digest email, ensuring they stay informed in a way that suits their preferences and needs. 

Enhanced Sustainability

Sustainability is an integral part of DHL's strategy and is evident in various features of myDHLi. Customers utilizing myDHLi Quote + Book can choose the GoGreen Plus service, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions by leveraging sustainable fuels.

The enhanced myDHLi Analytics provides enhanced transparency for sustainability efforts. Users can track their yearly spend on the DHL GoGreen Plus service and monitor monthly progress. An improved GoGreen dashboard enables benchmarking of carbon reduction activities based on trade lanes and time period.

This comprehensive overview helps customers to understand the specific actions taken to mitigate the environmental impact of their shipments. It also empowers them to align their logistics choices with their sustainability goals, promoting transparency and accountability in addressing carbon emissions.

These and other new features and improvements were presented at the annual myDHLi Digital Summit on May 16. myDHLi is DHL Global Forwarding's innovative one-stop customer portal for digital logistics.

The portal combines various convenient services, such as myDHLi Quote, myDHLi Book, myDHLi Track, myDHLi Documents, myDHLi Analytics, and myDHLi Reports, with innovative features to provide customers with end-to-end information on all their transportation.

The unique myDHLi Follow + Share functionality allows sharing of shipment information for seamless collaboration with suppliers, partners and customers.

The DHL developer team consequently incorporates user feedback and explores ways to boost the performance and productivity of customers even further.

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