Dubai CommerCity Partners with Mad Street Den to Digitalise Services

Dubai CommerCity Partners with Mad Street Den to Digitalise Services

To support Dubai CommerCity in establishing its leading position in the digital commerce industry

Dubai CommerCity, part of the Dubai Integrated Economic Zones Authority (DIEZ) and the region’s first and leading free zone dedicated to digital commerce, has signed a strategic partnership with Mad Street Den today, an award winning ‘AI native’ company that specializes in transforming businesses across the globe.

As part of the agreement, the two parties will unite to provide businesses of all types and sizes operating in Dubai CommerCity with holistic digital offerings.

Dubai CommerCity is keen about collaborating with strategic partners in the digital commerce sector to diversify its range of services, support companies operating at the free zone, and drive their growth.

As part of the partnership, Mad Street Den will offer businesses operating at Dubai CommerCity with a comprehensive set of features, including its end-to-end AI stack to clean, create, and connect data across departments, functions, and workflows to deliver exceptional value and revenue growth for businesses operating in the free zone.

The offerings will also encompass a comprehensive technology stack for enterprises across different industries, including retail, banking & insurance, logistics, ed-tech, entertainment, back-office and government departments creating the best path possible for a dynamic and sustainable business.

DeVere Forster, Chief Operating Officer at Dubai CommerCity, said: “This partnership reflects Dubai CommerCity’s ongoing commitment to providing businesses in the free zone with unique opportunities that raise innovative and resilience, and break down barriers to value.

Dubai CommerCity Showcases Digital Innovation Initiatives

"Our partnership with Mad Street Den will empower our clients to build a strong digital core to enable them to respond to change, and shifting dynamics in their industry.

"Having the right partner who is aligned is crucial, we see eye-to-eye on our vision for the industry and as a result, we are confident that this partnership will achieve great success.”

Ashwini, CEO and Founder of Mad Street Den said: “We’re very excited to be Dubai CommerCity’s AI partner of choice and to work closely with them on driving meaningful AI adoption in the MENA region.

"We share a common vision to bring about end-to-end AI adoption for businesses that are going through that transformation today.

"Instead of going online and then adopting AI, we’re helping large enterprises leap frog that cycle and bring about AI driven change that can serve the 3 goals of ongoing business optimization, design of exciting new customer experiences and the reimagining of business processes and workflows.”

Mad Street Den’s proprietary solutions and deliver all of this and more. This partnership as digital-first movers will be very key to bringing about change of such huge magnitude in the region” added Ashwini.

The partnership comes at a crucial time in light of increasing dependency on digital services and solutions across industries.

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