DHL Innovation Centres Lead the Way in New Technology Adoption

DHL Innovation Centres Lead the Way in New Technology Adoption

Olivier Laurent of DHL Global Forwarding MEA talks about DHL Innovation Centres and how they were helping customers realise benefits of new technologies

During the second session of TLME’s Future-Proof Technologies Conference held recently in Dubai, conference moderator Lars Jensen asked the panellists about the rapid advances and innovations in technologies like AI and how would these advances - and the resulting redundancies - affect their  investments in cutting-edge technologies in the near future?

As a strategy to overcome this challenge Olivier Laurent, Regional Head of Business Development, DHL Global Forwarding MEA talks about DHL’s Innovation Centres across the globe which provide a platform for customers to meet vendors and learn about new technologies that could help their supply chain operations.

However, said Mr Laurent, not all customers were quick to adopt and invest in new technologies.

Many preferred to wait and watch for something better and more future-ready to come along. Nevertheless, even if 20% of the customers saw the benefits and adopted new innovation the centres had accomplished their primary purpose, concluded Mr Laurent.

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