Watch the Virgin Hyperloop Build in India

Watch the Virgin Hyperloop Build in India

Indian project advances under Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem’s guidance

Virgin Hyperloop One has released a video showing progress on India’s Hyperloop system that travels from Pune to Mumbai.

Virgin Hyperloop One was originally headed by renowned Virgin Founder Richard Branson, before it was announced DP World CEO Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem had taken the reigns.

Hyperloops are cropping up all over the world, with advanced projects in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, India, Europe, and the US.

The Hyperloop system promises to whizz both people and cargo through a tunnel at around 750mph.

Such speeds mean the 330 mile (550km) trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles can be completed in only half an hour.

At present, it looks like the project in Saudi Arabia will be first to officially launch.

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