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Aramex ‘Shop & Ship’: Fulfill locally and ship globally

Shop & Ship is an online last-mile delivery service from Aramex that makes global shopping happen.

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Aramex has recently announced the launch of its brand new Shop & Ship (S&S) Affiliate and Partner Programs. The new addition to its innovative and hugely successful S&S service comes shortly after the global launch of the S&S FLEX membership.

Shop & Ship is an online last-mile delivery service from Aramex that makes global shopping happen. The innovative service enables hundreds of thousands of consumers around the world to receive purchased goods from online stores in the US, the UK, and more than 20 other countries - quickly and at affordable rates. The service is available in over 50 countries worldwide.

Given the growing global and regional tendency by e-commerce platforms to pursue in-house last mile operations, Aramex needs to find a balance between remaining competitive, while also protecting its own profits.

The answer appears to lie in following the same strategy as UPS, increasing capacity, while simultaneously looking for ways to operate that added capacity more efficiently.

Aramex has announced that its international express business grew by 19% in 2017, achieving revenues of almost AED 2.1 billion, led in large part by a “surge” in cross-border e-commerce globally.

The Shop & Ship Affiliate program is available to all audiences, including businesses, individuals, publishers, bloggers and influencers, and across more than fifty markets in which S&S operates. A quick 3-step online sign-up process provides users with the opportunity to earn commission by hosting S&S banner advertisements on their online platforms. The new offering aims to further expand Aramex’s online community presence, and increase the visibility of S&S across its markets.

The Partners program is aimed at all e-commerce businesses. It allows any online merchant to integrate with S&S Checkout to fulfil locally and ship globally. The service also enables a company to introduce S&S members seamlessly onto their e-commerce platform at checkout. The result is that businesses are able to deliver domestic packages to any of Aramex’s 24 S&S hubs around the world with Aramex taking care of international shipping to the customer.

Hassan Mikail, Chief e-Commerce Officer at Aramex, said: “We are pleased to have launched the new S&S Affiliate and Partner programs, both are very unique and standout from other ‘affiliate’ programs. These initiatives further highlight our efforts to bring the benefits of S&S to as many people as possible. Online merchants who partner with us benefit from direct-to-consumer marketing, zero cost and zero challenges for international logistics, plus world-class customer service support.”

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