World’s Biggest Retailer Opts for Blockchain

World’s Biggest Retailer Opts for Blockchain

US giant partners with IBM to track supply chain

Walmart has opted to petition its supply chain implement real-time tracking using blockchain technology in 2019, according to reports.

The US-giant wants to use the technology to track quality, speed and the movement of its goods using an IBM blockchain initiative.

While blockchain has largely been talked about as a phenomenon in the ocean going supply chain, it also could have a huge impact in fast moving consumer goods, with big names such as Nestle also looking into using the technology.

Maersk & IBM Form Blockchain Venture

One core reason for the move to blockchain technology has been repeated disease outbreaks in the US relating to food products that were contaminated along the supply chain.

With a tracked distributed ledger, companies are hoping that the will be capable of monitoring goods from conception to sale.

Further, this is not the first time Walmart has collaborated with IBM, after partnering with the tech giant and Chinese University Tsinghua University to track food products movement using blockchain technology in 2016.

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