Watch: Rolls-Royce Reveal Remote Vessel Operating Centre

Watch: Rolls-Royce Reveal Remote Vessel Operating Centre

Video illustrates how advanced industry is becoming 

Rolls-Royce, famous for its automobiles and aircraft engines, has released a video showing its progress in developing remote operations centres for autonomous ships.

The Remote Operating Centre (ROC) offers captains a base from which they can operate full fleets of conventional, remotely operated and autonomous vessels.

ROC’s will allow various levels of involvement in managing vessels and fleets.

Tasks such as departure from and arrival to port can be carried out by operators on Remote Control Stations and operators can also give crew on-board, ‘rest-time’ by remotely taking over watch-keeping duties.

A remotely operated vessel would usually remain in autonomous mode for the bulk of it's journey, with the operator taking control only in situations where critical decisions must be made.

Rolls-Royce Intelligent Awareness (IA) and Remote Control Stations (RCS) enable such operations and are already benefiting vessels of today.

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