WATCH: First Commercial BVLOS Drone Delivery Made in Singapore

WATCH: First Commercial BVLOS Drone Delivery Made in Singapore

Singapore start up F-drones delivers 2kg payload from shore to ship

Singapore based F-drones has succesfully completed the first commercial BVLOS drone delivery at Singapore port. The drone delivered 2 kg of vitamins over a distance of 2.7 kms in 7 minutes, to a ship managed by Eastern Pacific Shipping (EPS).

F-drones is the first company in Singapore to receive an authorisation from the aviation authority, to conduct BVLOS drone deliveries to ships in Singapore.

F-drones is a home-grown startup developing large-scale delivery drones which are fully electric and autonomous. Their goal is to eventually use their proprietary drones, which would be able to send 100kg loads over 100km to ships and offshore platforms.

For now, F-drones is using an off-the-shelf drone which can only deliver 5kg loads over 5km.

F-drones plans to complete the development of its 100kg-100km drone in the second half of 2021. Its latest prototype, which is its third, named as Hyperlaunch, would be able to deliver 5kg loads over 50km to ships.

F-drones will be starting commercial operations using Hyperlaunch towards the end of 2020.

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