The Suez Canal Exempts FSO Safer’s Salvage Vessel from Transit Fees

The Suez Canal Exempts FSO Safer’s Salvage Vessel from Transit Fees

In continuation of its efforts to support the maritime community, Suez Canal waives off transit fees of salvage vessel of FSO Safer

As part of the Egyptian efforts to participate in the international endeavors to salvage FSO Safer, the Suez Canal Authority announced the exemption of the service and salvage vessel "NDEAVOR ", which will contribute to the execution of the salvage operation of the FSO Safer.

FSO Safer is located off the Yemeni coast, from the Canal transit dues during the head haul to the Yemeni shores.

This comes as a result of joint coordination and discussions that brought together United Nations officials with representatives of the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Suez Canal Authority.

Admiral Rabiee directed that the necessary measures should be taken to provide all necessary navigational services for the salvage vessel NDEAVOR to cross the canal, while exempting her from the transit dues, during its head haul from Rotterdam heading to Yemen, which is scheduled for Saturday, 13th May.

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SCA Chairman stressed that the Suez Canal spares no effort towards supporting the stability of global supply chains and preserving the marine environment, expressing the permanent readiness of the Suez Canal Authority to engage and respond immediately to all constructive initiatives in this regard.

Admiral Rabiee highlighted that the contribution of the Suez Canal Authority comes in implementation of the presidential directives to strengthen the Egyptian efforts exerted in resolving the Yemeni crisis.

He also expressed the Canal's commitment to its role towards the international maritime community, especially since the FSO Safer crisis has become a matter of great concern and interest in the maritime community in recent times for fear of possible pollution risks and their negative effects on the safety of maritime navigation.

Admiral Rabie indicated that the Suez Canal Authority was proactive in dealing positively with many important initiatives in the international maritime community, including positive dealing with the seafarers' crisis by allowing the change of marine crews at the Canal’s northern and southern entrances to mitigate the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on them.

This initiative was praised globally by many international organizations, on top of which the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and Sea Trade Maritime Organization, in addition to carrying out an unconventional transit operation through remote pilotage of the Italian vessel COSTA DIADEMA during its Canal transit with 62 cases infected with Corona virus, despite the refusal of other countries to receive it.

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