Suez Canal Economic Zone Signs Contract for New Container Terminal

Suez Canal Economic Zone Signs Contract for New Container Terminal

Another contract signed for the development of an industrial zone in East Port Said

The Suez Canal Economic Zone (SCZONE) has signed 2 contracts for a multi-purpose terminal and the industrial zone development in East Port-Said port.

Within the framework of the integration strategy between the industrial zones and the affiliated ports pursued by SCZONE, Mr. Waleid Gamal El-Dein, Chairman of SCZONE, signed a commitment contract for the “design, construction, management, operation and maintenance” of a multi-purpose terminal in East Port Said Port between the General Authority for the Suez Canal Economic Zone and the (Sky Investment and Reliance Logistics) Consortium.

The contract was signed by Mr. Tarek Hussein, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, on the sidelines of the Climate Change Summit COP27, currently being held in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt.

Egypt Taps Agility to Modernize Suez Canal Economic Zone Operations

Waleid Gamal Eldein, stated: “The multi-purpose terminal comes within the framework of SCZONE’s keenness to maximize the benefit from the East Port Said port, which is located at the northern entrance to the Suez Canal.

"This project will provide 400 direct and indirect job opportunities, with cumulative investments estimated at $65 million.”

Gamal El-Dein also signed a contract for “the development of an industrial zone” in East Port Said Port between The General Authority for Suez Canal Economic Zone and Roots company.

The contract was signed by Mr. Haitham Noah, Chairman and Managing Director of Roots FMCG.

Gamal El-Dein added: “The East Port Said integrated zone is witnessing several development projects in the port and the dry bulk station project for grains, in addition to the vision for industrial development.

"This has made the East Port Said Industrial Zone a distinguished location and qualified to be one of the most important hub of heavy industries in Egypt as well as one of the most important commercial hub due to the potential of the port.”

It is worth to be mentioned that these contracts were signed during the proceedings of the climate summit (COP27), where SCZONE achieved huge success in attracting different kinds of cooperation in the green fuel industries. SCZONE also signed 10 final contracts for green fuel production.

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