Shift Changes Boost Efficiency at APM Terminals Pipavav  
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Shift Changes Boost Efficiency at APM Terminals Pipavav  

Key changes identified during a Gemba walk with operational staff

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The implementation of a range of simple measures to streamline shift changes at APM Terminals Pipavav has reduced vessel idle times, added capacity and reduced impact on crane moves per hour due to shift change by around 16%.

At the same trailer driver and crane operator safety has also improved.

The Pipavav team has introduced clearly marked parking bays for terminal trailers, which provide a safe distance between each trailer. This provides drivers with a safe area to conduct pre-operation checks and protects them from other vehicles when exiting their trailers.

Clearly marked parking bays ensure that terminal trailers are parked at an angle and in a line, enabling drivers to exit left without time consuming manoeuvring. The parking area is also split into different zones according to vehicle numbers.

These initiatives have enabled drivers to locate their assigned vehicles more quickly during shift changes. The designated parking area also ensures that there are no unattended vehicles left blocking access around the terminal.

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A parking process for Rubber Tyre Gantry cranes (RTGs) was also introduced at the end of the yard block. This has reduced pedestrian hazards for RTGs while executing shift change for operators.

The tool box room for crane operators has also been relocated closer to the operational area. Together with a visual management system (VMS) this has helped reduce the time spent allocating cranes to operators.

Shift changes are now 15-20 minutes faster, which translates into increased capacity of around 3% and the associated reduction in vessel idle times. Gross moves per hour have also been positively impacted by around 16%.

These key changes were identified during a Gemba walk with terminal trailer drivers, crane operators and frontline leaders.

Gemba walks were introduced this year as part of APM Terminals new global approach to safety.

Stemming from the Japanese Gembutsu, Gemba is the term used by APM Terminals to describe a personal observation of work in progress. Progress is being monitored in weekly and monthly functional meetings.

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