Saudi Ports Record a 23.70% Increase in Cargo Throughput Volumes

Saudi Ports Record a 23.70% Increase in Cargo Throughput Volumes

Container throughput volumes reached 600,107 TEU

Saudi ports’ container throughput volumes reached 600,107 TEU, which is a 1.38% increase compared to numbers recorded in May 2021.

As the exported containers remarkably increased by 2.57% with a total of 175,958 TEU, while the imported containers hit a minor setback as it decreased by 0.64% with a total of 176,978 TEU.

While the initiatives launched by Saudi Ports Authority (Mawani), in line with the National Transport and Logistics Strategy, have raised the number of transshipment containers in Saudi ports to reach 247,172 TEU, which is 2.01% compared to numbers recorded during the same time last year.

Similarly, the cargo throughput volumes increased by 23.70% with a total of 21,041,021 tonnes, as the general cargo recorded a 21.86% increase with a total of 810,244 tonnes.

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Dry bulk increased by 2.46% with a total of 4,166,749 tonnes, and the liquid bulk increased by 30.74% with a total of 15,869,634 tonnes.

This was the result of organizing the truck flow to and from Saudi ports, which is within Mawani’s priorities, in order to enable various national industries and sectors in the Kingdom.

Number of vessels increased by 3.03% with a total of 1,020 vessels, and the number of vehicles increased by 42.33% with a total of 81,737 vehicles, on the other hand, the percentage of food decreased by 6.50% with a total of 1,825,579 tonnes compared to numbers recorded last year.

While Saudi ports recorded a 16.38% increase in the number of passengers with a total of 54,907 passengers, and unloading 459,677 heads of imported livestock which is a 181.64% increase, as these numbers strengthen the Saudi imports and exports, along with catalyzing economic growth in the Kingdom.

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