Port of Salalah Braces for Cyclone Luban
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Port of Salalah Braces for Cyclone Luban

Port of Salalah taking necessary steps to ensure safety of equipment and personnel

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The Port of Salalah had released a statement on weather conditions affecting its port operations regarding the incoming Cyclone Luban. The warning statement reads as below:

“Based on the high potential for severe weather in the Salalah and Dhofar region, the Port of Salalah is taking necessary steps to ensure the safety of all personnel, equipment and cargo.

“Based on recent meteorological data, it is anticipated that the cyclone will pass in the vicinity of Salalah on or about the early hours of the 11th of October 2018. The exact path and potential impact of the storm is currently unknown, but we are closely monitoring the situation and are taken preventative measures in any event.

“Based on current estimates, all non-essential personnel and equipment will need to vacate the port and we will cease all operations no later than 0600 on the 11th of October 2018.

“Vessels will not be authorized to stay in the harbor after this time, and locations for safe refuge outside the harbor have been designated by Harbor Master. The ultimate responsibility for safety of the crews and vessels in the safe refuge area remains with master of the vessel.

“Port operations will resume once it has been deemed safe to do so. For customers who have refrigerated and or IMO hazardous cargo inside the port, they are strongly advised to evacuate their containers prior to the aforementioned shut down.”

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