Oracle Releases Cloud-Based Supply Chain Tool
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Oracle Releases Cloud-Based Supply Chain Tool

New tool allows shippers to meet global regulations

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To help customers navigate in an increasingly complex global economy, Oracle has introduced an update of its Oracle Transportation Management Cloud and Oracle Global Trade Management Cloud.

The new releases enable customers to streamline compliance with global trade regulations, and to manage these significant needs on a single, integrated platform.

The latest releases of Oracle Transportation Management Cloud and Oracle Global Trade Management Cloud provide real-time, data-driven insights into shipment routes and automated event handling.

They also offer expanded regulatory support for fast, accurate screening and customs declarations.

For example, Nahdi Medical Company has been able to improve truck utilization by five to ten percent since implementing the latest release of Oracle Transportation Management.

“We now have greater visibility into shipment demands and delivery status, which means we have the flexibility to quickly re-do plans as new requirements arise,” said Sayed Al-Sayed, supply chain applications manager, Nahdi Medical Company.

“The accuracy of Oracle Transportation Management Cloud’s recommended plans and route optimizations has enabled us to increase truck utilization rates, which has allowed us to cut time on shipments, while also saving money.”

Enhancements to Oracle Transportation Management Cloud and Oracle Global Trade Management Cloud include:

  • Enhanced routing: Enables customers to make better decisions when routing shipments by accounting for factors such as historic traffic patterns, hazardous materials, and tolls when planning shipments
  • Expanded regulatory support: Enables customers to better meet their global trade needs in today’s dynamically changing, regulatory environment by supporting expanded regulatory content, allowing more accurate screening, and providing enhancements for summary customs declarations
  • Advanced planning: Enables customers to better map out and improve transportation planning in end-to-end, outbound order fulfillment by providing enhancements to sample integrated flows with Oracle Order Management Cloud and Oracle Inventory Management Cloud
  • Driver-oriented features: Enables customers to improve the handling of assignments for shift-based drivers by providing enhanced support for planning and execution of private and dedicated fleets, including driver-oriented workflow in the OTM Mobile App
  • IoT Fleet Monitoring integration: Enables customers to have real-time visibility into a shipment’s location through automatic event handling
  • UX and collaboration: Enables customers to have a simpler and more configurable user interface, including integration with Oracle Content and Experience Cloud, which streamlines collaboration with peers
  • Graphical diagnostics tool: Enables customers to easily research and resolve questions in real time that may arise from the shipment planning processes by providing them with a visual diagnostic tool, which highlights areas that warrant further investigation

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