ONE Network Makes Big Reefer Investment 
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ONE Network Makes Big Reefer Investment 

New order consists of 14,000 state of the art, advanced generation refrigerated containers

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Ocean Network Express Pte. Ltd. (ONE) has made an investment in its reefer business segment with a new order of 14,000 state of the art, advanced generation refrigerated containers (13,000 x 40 foot and 1,000 x 20 foot units).

Of these containers, 2,100 units will be equipped with the latest controlled atmosphere (CA) technology, which further enhances the effective shelf life of fruits and vegetables by significantly slowing down produce respiration and ripening rates, maximising cargo value on delivery.

The new refrigerated containers are being delivered and integrated into the existing ONE fleet starting from end July onwards; just in time to capture peak season reefer demand from the Southern Hemisphere markets.

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CEO Jeremy Nixon said: “ONE has one of the largest and youngest reefer fleets in the world, equipped with the most advanced technologies designed to handle perishable cargo demand.

“With this new investment, ONE will be able to further broaden its market position whilst investing in the latest technologies to meet future customers demand.

“As one of the top reefer carriers in the world, we will continue to strive in order to find new and innovative solutions to enhance cargo care during transit thereby ensuring superior service value.

“The future journey of ONE in the reefer market will be an exciting one to follow.”

Emerging from the legacy of three leading Japanese liner companies, ONE prides itself on their service-oriented culture which is now embedded in its corporate DNA.

The integration allowed ONE to inherit the three top liners’ combined fleet of reefer containers, elevating it to become one of the top 3 reefer carriers in the world, and also strengthened the market presence in major reefer markets such as North and South Americas, South Africa, Europe, the Mediterranean, Intra-Asia and Oceania.

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