MSC Launches Electronic Bill of Lading Service

MSC Launches Electronic Bill of Lading Service

Based on blockchain technology provided by Wave BL

MSC has launched a new digital solution for processing the Bill of Lading (BL) online offered via an independent blockchain platform called Wave BL.

The user-friendly solution ensures that all the parties involved in a cargo shipment booking can issue, transfer, endorse and manage the bill of lading electronically through a secure, decentralised network.

MSC has chosen WAVE BL because it is the only solution that mirrors the traditional paper-based process that the shipping and cargo transportation industry is used to.

With the MSC eBL there is no more paperwork, postage costs, delays, or disruption: you and your business partners can simply transfer the document in one click. All this, without any change or disruption to day-to-day business operations.

In times of disruptions such as the global COVID-19 pandemic, the paperless solution also conveniently enables to overcome border restrictions, challenges with postal disruptions or other pandemic-related uncertainties.

By dematerialising the BL employees can also work remotely safely and without leaving home. You can register for the service here.

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