MOL Releases ‘Fleet Viewer’ Big Data App
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MOL Releases ‘Fleet Viewer’ Big Data App

Stress-free Operation with Big Data Analysis  

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Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL), Mitsui E&S Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. and Weathernews Inc. have jointly released Fleet Viewer, a big data analyser to enhance shipping.

Fleet Viewer is part I of MOL's "FOCUS" Project (Note 1) intended to enhance the collection and application of a ship’s operational data.

More informed operations and response to emergencies will help in safeguarding the transport of people and cargo.

For the most part, however, maintaining safety and addressing problems onboard have relied on the skills and experience of seafarers on the front lines. Because ships travel such great distances they cannot be "watched" from shore.

A similar situation would be a doctor at a hospital using digital technologies to treat a patient at a remote clinic.

The Fleet Viewer is designed to prevent problems, with the option of switching to "treatment" in case of a failure, and share know-how between the "hospital" on shore and the "clinic" far out at sea.

MOL Brings Virtual Reality to Shipping

In other words, not only the crewmembers onboard while under way, but also ship management superintendents on land can observe, diagnose, and treat the ship's operating status if external help is required.

It enables MOL to offer safer transport services to customers by sharing the knowledge gained by analyzing accumulated Big Data throughout the fleet via the FOCUS Project.

The Fleet Viewer collects nearly 6,000 items of sensing data at a uniquely high frequency (one-minute intervals), which allows it to determine the status of vessels, the operational status of all equipment, vessel position, ocean and weather information, and share all this among vessels and shore-based personnel, anywhere in the world.

The app handles enormous data volume, also features a user-friendly interface.

MOL Unveils Container Tracking Solution

Users can not only instantly recognize the status of vessels, delve into data, and send push notifications, but also customize the content of the system. The customized content can be shared among them.

According to the company, Fleet Viewer is an application that can continue to evolve along with its users' needs.

Vessel operation data is collected and stored on the cloud with part of ABLOG data. The accumulated data is used through the development of various applications to enhance safe operation and reduce environmental impact.

As the second step following Fleet Viewer application, slated to appear around October of this year, the app will have the capability to assess the degradation of vessel performance over time which is now difficult to do from shore.

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