MOL Brings Virtual Reality to Shipping
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MOL Brings Virtual Reality to Shipping

New initiative to bring new level of safety

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MOL President & CEO Junichiro Ikeda has announced the addition of a new training session on "Snap-back zones" to its mariner safety education program using virtual reality (VR) goggles and VR technology.

According to a statement, the VR tool “enhances seafarers' risk perception by allowing them to visualize and virtually experience onboard accidents-depicted with advanced computer graphics that can occur due to unsafe behaviour, leading to improved safety awareness.”

One VR scenario shows a tow line between a tugboat and a merchant vessel breaking, snapping back, and hitting a seafarer in the back with great force.

This type of accident is difficult to depict with conventional video, because it occurs behind the seafarers, but the realistic new VR-based content results in a more effective training experience because it allows changes in perspective and directions.

More shots of the VR scenarios
More shots of the VR scenarios

MOL has stated it has implemented VR as it aims to ensure safe, stable cargo transport by meeting the needs of front-line seafarers for realistic training with the seeds of technology that will make the company the world leader in safe operations.

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