Maqta Gateway Innovates with new Vessel Tracking App

Maqta Gateway Innovates with new Vessel Tracking App

Abu Dhabi Ports key player presents new opportunities to sector

Maqta Gateway has announced the release of MARSA, a mobile and web-based app that has been designed to improve marine traffic and vessel servicing at the port.

MARSA is a fully integrated app intended to simplify, streamlines and speed up elements of ports services.

Abu Dhabi Marine Services (SAFEEN) and the Harbour Master of Abu Dhabi Ports will be key users of the new platform.

The new app also includes real-time monitoring of marine traffic, thereby eliminating the need for manual paperwork by covering processes using electronic data.

MARSA also enables users and customers to monitor real-time operational status and provides access to various statistical and management reports to allow better visibility and control of port operations.

Dr Noura Al Dhaheri, CEO, Maqta Gateway, said: “We’re excited to announce the development of the MARSA App here at GITEX, which will contribute immensely to enhanced operational efficiency at Abu Dhabi’s ports.

“The intuitively designed features of the app will mean lower costs, reduced manpower requirements, quicker response times and smoother, more efficient daily operations for all port users, resulting in an improved operating environment for us all.”

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