Maersk to Provide Supply Chain Solutions for Pak Elektron Limited

Maersk to Provide Supply Chain Solutions for Pak Elektron Limited

Offers end-to-end supply chain visibility and accountability for major appliance manufacturer in Pakistan

Pak Elektron Limited (also known as PEL), Pakistan’s local manufacturing giant of major home appliances and electrical equipment, is a top household brand and has been operating for more than 7 decades in the country.

PEL has to handle huge import volumes with multiple sourcing options leading to challenges in their global supply chains, which in turn limited their competitiveness in the market.

These challenges were leading to detention and demurrage (D&D) charges getting built up.

Maersk Pakistan collaborated with PEL to study their global supply chain and designed a Supply Chain Management (SCM) solution that would offer end-to-end visibility of cargo through its journey and ensure accountability with multiple stakeholders at each level of the supply chain.

Through the dynamic SCM solution, Maersk also solved some of PEL’s pain points around cashflow and administration.

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Maersk’s integrated SCM solution proposal has the potential to simplify PEL’s supply chain and provide better control of data and processes.

This solution will support PEL in moving away from uncertainties and inefficiencies as well as ad-hoc shipment planning process to a systematic and predictable process with full visibility and control.

Maersk offered PEL a visibility-backed solution allowing optimized decision making, financial and commercial performance for their imports. Maersk’s end-to-end SCM solution involves origin management, visibility and reporting and destination management.

This will allow PEL to automatically gain upstream and downstream visibility and control, visibility and reduction of inefficiencies’ related costs, control of additional costs such as D&D, storage etc., along with the ability to drive informed decision making through Maersk’s dynamic dashboards.

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