Maersk Ship Completes First Arctic Route
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Maersk Ship Completes First Arctic Route

The Venta containership makes history in developing key new route

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The Maersk 3,596 TEU Venta Maersk has made history after arriving at the Port of Saint Petersburg, Russia, after completing a trial passage through the Arctic, heralding a new era of sea cargo travel.

The Arctic passage, known as the ‘Northern Sea Route’, offers liners the opportunity to slash travelling times around the world, thus drastically increasing the speed of cargo travel.

Maersk to Sail Arctic Route in Shipping First

Venta Maersk departed from Vladivostok, Russia on 22 August 2018 and embarked upon a 37 day journey that included stops in Vostochny Stevedoring Company and Busan, before passing through Bering Strait on 6 September 2018.

Maersl said the ship “performed well in the unfamiliar environment”.

In order to complete the mission, Maersk trained staff for harsh Arctic climates, built new technology for the ship and monitored every step of the journey in case of disaster.

The successful journey will now surely act as a fillip to other liners who will see a new route is possible, thus taking trade away from the Suez Canal, the long utilised key vein of global trade.

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