Iraqi Port in Line for Massive Makeover

Iraqi Port in Line for Massive Makeover

Basra Gateway Terminal prepares for larger vessels 

In order to bring larger ships to Iraq, a new programme has been implemented at Basra Gateway Terminal (BGT), Iraq, that will deepen its handling capacity.

The modifications to BGT will in turn modernise the Port of Umm Qasr in which it is based.

The development of the new terminal complex is expected to be completed in 2019, and will raise the annual handling capacity of BGT to 1 million TEU.

After work is completed, BGT will be capable of facilitating 9,000 TEU vessels.

Port assets planned for the terminal upgrade include three super post-Panamax quay cranes and seven additional RTG cranes.

Hans-Ole Madsen, ICTSI Senior Vice President and Europe, Middle East and Africa Regional Head, said: “ICTSI is pleased to take a leading role in investing in Iraq’s port infrastructure, enabling the country to connect most efficiently with global liner services.

“The ability to serve direct calls from large vessels delivers has reduced cost and cargo transit times, and brings other key benefits to cargo importers.”

Phillip Marsham, BGT Chief Executive Officer, said: “BGT’s investment program is designed to match the requirements of a growing Iraqi economy and the need to accommodate ever larger liner vessels.

“The call of the Ever Useful [5,000 TEU ship] symbolises how far Umm Qasr has come in improving port infrastructure to meet today’s global logistic chain requirements.”

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