Iranian Cargo Ship Detained by Libya
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Iranian Cargo Ship Detained by Libya

Ship blacklisted by US and EU

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An Iranian-state owned containership has been detained in Libya after it was found to be sanctioned by the US and the EU.

The ship - the 144-SHAR E KORD - was recently detained while at berth in Libya.

FleetMon, a company that tracks ships’ movement all over the world, said the Libyan Interior Ministry confirmed the detainment and that the vessel was carrying 144 containers at the time.

Iran has been under US sanctions since August 2018 when Donald Trump withdrew from the deal that sought to halt the country’s alleged nuclear weapon’s development.

Iran recently leased control of one of its key ports to India as part of the International North South Trade Corridor (INSTC), a huge trade and infrastructure project that looks to connect the Indian Ocean to the Arctic, and which Iran plays a vital part.

Initial checks reportedly show that it was not carrying any prohibited goods.

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