HMM  launches New Corporate Identity
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HMM launches New Corporate Identity

To better represent company’s vision and mission

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Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM) CEO, Jae-hoon Bae has announced the launch of his company’s new Corporate Identity (CI) to reflect its vision and ambition to take a leap forward to the bright future.

The new CI features a pride of Korea’s national flagship carrier as well as an intuitive grasp of shipping business.

The blue HMM letter embodies the shape of the front of a large ship crossing the ocean, and the red line on top represents the rising sun on the horizon where the ship is sailing.

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HMM CEO Jae-hoon Bae said: "It is memorable and meaningful for HMM to introduce its new CI today, which is expected to elevate the brand equity and value of the company.

“Based on the strong dedication and willpower that all employees have demonstrated, HMM will make a fresh resolution to become a global top-rated carrier in 2022.”

Last October, HMM had presented its target of expanding fleet capacity to 1 million TEU and posting $10 billion in annual revenue by 2022.

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