Gulftainer's Simon Aynsley Shares Insight on Khorfakkan Port's Strategic Role

Gulftainer's Simon Aynsley Shares Insight on Khorfakkan Port's Strategic Role

With its prime location and modern infrastructure the port is a key regional player in the smooth movement of cargo

Gulftainer Co. Ltd, Chief Sales Officer Simon Aynsley, recently shared valuable insights on the strategic role of their Khorfakkan Port in the cargo industry.

During a recent industry interview, Mr. Aynsley presented a comprehensive overview of Khorfakkan Port's capabilities and highlighted its growing significance in the project cargo sector.

The interview shed light on a wide range of topics, including the challenges and opportunities in the industry, the impact of digitalization and technological advancements, including Gulftainer’s terminal operation at Khorfakkan.

Khorfakkan can be accessed without having to enter the Gulf through the Straits of Hormuz, yet it services bulk and containerized vessels from within the Indian Ocean rim of Asia, Indian Sub-Continent, the Gulf and East Africa.

With its round-the-clock operations, natural deep water, and easy access to UAE markets, Gulftainer provides a fully integrated transport solution to its customers.

This makes Khorfakkan an ideal choice for project cargo seeking a terminal footprint that enables storage and distribution on-quay, not only for land bridging operations to the UAE but also for regional transshipments.

With its comprehensive coverage of the Indian Ocean rim, Khorfakkan serves as a gateway to the entire region, offering a compelling value proposition to businesses looking for seamless logistics solutions.

During the interview with Bo Drewsen, Simon explained, “At Gulftainer, my mission is to reignite Khorfakkan and create a compelling value proposition for our l customers.

With his background in the global carrier industry, Simon brings a unique perspective that enables him to tailor Gulftainer's service offering from a carrier’s perspective which is appreciated by their customers.

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