GCT Moves to Take Maersk to Court

GCT Moves to Take Maersk to Court

Disagreement over vessel call agreement

Global Container Terminals (GCT) has stated that it plans to take legal action against Maersk over a decision to move vessel calls to from GCT New York to APMT Port Elizabeth, according to reports.

GCT state that the world’s biggest shipping liner Maersk is obliged to call at GCT New York until the close of 2021, yet Maersk is allegedly attempting to call at Port Elizabeth in New Jersey, USA, instead.

Maersk has reportedly stated that it has already notified GCT that it plans to stop berthing at New York by May 2020.

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Reports also state that Maersk has offered a settlement to terminate the agreement.

Breaking reports are also stating that Maersk has filed its own lawsuit against four US Class 1 Railroads.

Maersk is alleging price fixing in violation of the Sherman Act.

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