Fake Video of Houthi Attack Posted on Social Media Channels

Fake Video of Houthi Attack Posted on Social Media Channels

US Navy says no truth in messages

A fake video has emerged of an attack by Yemen's Houthi rebels on a shipping vessel in the Red Sea.

Earlier, on Monday a Houthi Military spokeperson claimed that they have damaged four vessels linked to Israel, US and UK in the Red Sea with cruise missiles.

The spokeperson went on to add that Houthis had attacked the Israeli ship MSC Unific in the Arabian Sea, the American oil tanker Delonix in the Red Sea, the British landing ship 'Anvil Point' in the Indian Ocean and the vessel Lucky Sailor in the Mediterranean Sea, without specifying which country it was associated with.

The purported video of the attack on the vessel in the Red Sea, as it turns out, is of a fire that broke out on board a ship off the coast of Sri Lanka in 2017.

Last month, a Houthi a military spokesperson had announced missile strikes against the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower in response to US support for Israel in its fight against Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip.

Since then "videos" of the damaged vessel have gone viral on the internet and social media.

The Captain of the Eisenhower shared a video of him on board the ship going about his usual duties at the time of the alleged attack. "I think we were sunk only twice this year," he joked on X.

A controversial military video game was used in creating videos of the attack. Doctored satellite images of the damaged Eisenhower were also posted on various apps and sites.

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