DP World Launches India Start-Up Initiative
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DP World Launches India Start-Up Initiative

Logistics giant looks to build long-term relationships in India

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DP World has announced the launch of Log-X’, India’s first technology accelerator program for logistics, as part of a collaboration with Invest India and the Kerala Start-Up Mission.

DP World has announced the move in order to encourage innovation and technology adoption in the country’s logistics sector.

Log-X will, therefore, act as an accelerator programme for entrepreneurs working in logistics and other sectors associated with it to leverage digital technology and smart trade solutions - the focus is said to be primarily on blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, simulators and the Internet of Things (IoT).

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Log-X was launched by Rizwan Soomar, CEO and Managing Director, DP World Subcontinent and Mike Bhaskaran, Global Chief Digital Officer, DP World.

Soomar said: “Technology adoption and innovation will play a strong role in building an integrated logistics platform which offers end-to-end solutions for cargo owners.

“DP World wants to encourage the creation of a start-up eco-system for logistics and supply chain focused innovators, with an aim to reduce the costs of logistics in India and make India’s exports more competitive.”

Each company involved will be mentored by DP World leadership tea, with the ultimate aim of establishing a long term partnership, strategic engagement and proof-of-concept development with shortlisted start-ups.

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