Bulker Causes Suez Canal Ship Pile-Up

Bulker Causes Suez Canal Ship Pile-Up

Grounded vessels causes chaos

A 39,929 DWT bulk vessel has recently run aground during its transit through the Suez Canal, causing a pile-up of vessels as well as a vessel collision.

Reports of a five vessel crash are thought to be erroneous, with the Suez Canal Authority outlining that, while many ships were held up, only two collided.

The grounded bunker has now been re-floated before it arrived at the Great Bitter Lakes for repairs.

As a result, the Suez Canal is now cleared and ready for convoys to resume their transits.

18 ships from a southbound convoy had been waiting at Great Bitter Lakes for the congestion to clear.

As a major trade lane between the Middle East, Asia and Europe, the Suez Canal is the vital vein through which global trade passes.

Upgrades have been completed on the Suez Canal to ensure mega ships can pass through on their east-west journeys from China to Europe via the Middle East.

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